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While the adjectives’ task is to describe the noun, the adverbs on the other hand, describe the verb. And you can't say plus bon in French; you'd say meilleur (better), the comparative form of bon: Mes idées sont meilleures que tes idées.My ideas are better than your ideas.The same rule applies to the superlative. For superlative adjectives, here are the things you should remember: 1. You combine the appropriate definite article with: plus + an adjective/adverb to express greatest superiority (e.g. Cette veste est moins chère. The comparative adverbs also make use of the suffix -er, and the words more and less. A comparative adverb is one which, in English, has -er on the end of it or more or less in front of it, for example, earlier, later, sooner, more/less frequently.. Adverbs can be used to make comparisons in French, just as they can in English. French: The superlative is created from the comparative by inserting the definitive article (la, le, or les), or the possessive article (mon, ton, son, etc. The grammar involved in using comparative adverbs is slightly different depending on whether you’re comparing adjectives, adverbs, nouns, or verbs. Diagrams. In English, we use this to say, (subject) is as (adjective) as (subject 2). le plus loin (the farthest)) moins + an adjective/adverb to express greatest inferiority (e.g. COMPARATIVE-and-SUPERLATIVES. French Verb Conjugation Quiz: How Many Can You Answer Correctly? In French, there are words and structures that are used in comparative phrases, often involving the adverbs plus, moins, aussi, and autant, accompanied by the conjunction que. Note that the definite article is required with the superlative even when there’s already an article in front of the … When de is followed by the definite article le, it changes to du. Comparative forms are used to compare two things and demonstrate the superiority, inferiority, or equality of one term with respect to the other. This free comparative and superlative lesson is ideal for teaching or reviewing comparative and superlative adjectives and sentence structure. Je travaille autant qu'elle. e.g Beau. You can contact him on Twitter and Google +, How to Form French Sentences: A Guide to French Sentence Construction, French Past Tense: Everything You Need to Know, Learning the French Imperative (Imperatif). COMPARATIVES AND SUPERLATIVES OF ADJECTIVES Here are some tips and rules in using comparative adjectives in French: 1. Classes. Read more. A simple explanation of "Meilleur, mieux, pire / plus mauvais, plus mal = better, best, worse and worst (irregular comparatives and superlatives)". Comparative – Exercises. Like, how will you say this without the help of comparatives and superlatives? This is the same thing with French. The French usually express the superior comparative (greater) with plus and the superlative (the greatest) with le plus, but there are a few French words with special comparative and superlative forms. a worksheet on comparatives and superlatives in French, aimed at Yr8. ), Cette question est plus facile que la premiere. In French as in English, the superlative is a form of an adjective expressing 'the best', 'the smallest', 'the most interesting'. Use the word aussi paired with que to say your subject is similar to this other thing. Here are examples of … Comparatives express relative superiority or inferiority, that is, that something is more or less than something else. Preview and details Files included (1) ppt, 1 MB. A superlative adjective in English is one with -est on the end of it or most or least in front of it, that is used to compare people or things, for example, thinnest, most beautiful, least interesting. Preview and details Files included (1) docx, 14 KB. To add categories in French, the superlative is followed by de (of) and the name of the category with the definite article like de la classe (in the class). Elle est plus petite que moi. Note that the superlative of an adjective agrees with the noun it … ”I am more good-looking than my co-workers. The superlative (le superlatif) compares one thing against a whole group and expresses the idea of the most (le plus …) or the least (le moins …). (I do my best.) In the comparative and superlative degrees, you can put these in either position. COMPARATIVE-and-SUPERLATIVES. ), Cette veste est plus chère. Categories & Ages. French Superlative. In English, we use comparatives and superlatives of adverbs to compare two actions, and this works in the same way as the comparisons in adjectives. When it is followed by les, it changes to des. It allows you to say things like “I am faster than Dominic,” or “The black cat is bigger than the gray cat.” The superlative, on the other hand, is used to communicate an extreme. French Comparative & Superlative. Here are some tips and rules in using comparative adjectives: 1. The French equivalents are aussi and autant. Now that we’ve gotten the English definitions out of the way, let’s move on to French. Here are some tips and rules in using comparative adverbs: For superlative adverbs, here are the things you should take note of: Just like the adjectives, here are some irregular comparative and superlative adverbs. A comparative adverb is one that compares items. Les adverbes au comparatif et superlatif indiquent une différence parce que le comparatif compare deux ou plusieurs choses tandis que le superlatif montre le plus haut degré d'une certaine qualité. Examples: lovelier, cuter, slower or bigger. (Joan has soldiers.) The French equivalent is moins ___. 3) Equality indicates that two or more things are "as ___" (as happy, as thirsty, as interesting). Quick tip: Don’t forget that comparative and superlative adjectives also need to agree with the noun or pronoun and has to match its gender and quantity. Free. Comparative forms; Superlative forms; Comparative forms. Comparing Adjectives Il est aussi inquiet que moi. There are also differences in form betwee English and French. (This jacket is less expensive. Macaron addict. (He’s as worried as me. 1 Comparative adverbs What is a comparative adverb? For longer words with three syllables or more, we put more or less before the noun. superlative of adverbs: indicating the most, the least In French as in English, the superlative is a way to express a maximum or minimum quality or capacity: 'the fastest', 'the least fast'. 22 terms. Use the word plus (which means more). (This question is easier. ), before "plus" or … Choose the best … Things you should remember: French comparatives and superlatives, just like in English, can occur both in adjectives and adverbs. Understand what the comparative and superlative are; Know how to form them in French; Learn any exceptions to the general rule of formation; Use the comparative and superlative correctly when I express myself; Vidéos et chansons: Règles imprimables: comparative_and_superlative.pdf: File Size: 811 kb: File Type: pdf: Download File. Superlatives are most commonly used with adjectives, but you can also use them with adverbs, verbs, and nouns. We don’t say gooder or goodest, we use better and best. I suggest that before you dive into this topic, you should do a quick review of the adjectives and adverbs first. Superlatives are used when something is the best, least, most etc. The superlative adverbs likewise have -est endings or the words most and least before it. Jacques Audiard fan. 2. The forms of superlatives vary depending on whether you're comparing adjectives, verbs, adverbs or nouns. This product entirely in French from Chez Nathalie is about the formation and use of French comparative and superlative adjectives. Subjects: Grammar, en Français. Created: Mar 16, 2008 | Updated: Feb 22, 2018. In French, to say that something or someone is easiest, prettiest, most expensive and so on, you use: le plus with masculine singular adjectives You can also make a more implicit comparison between someone, something, or a way of doing something and everything else of its kind by using a superlative. 2. Use the word que (which … Learn french comparatives and superlatives with free interactive flashcards. Learn more about using comparatives and superlatives. (She’s smaller than me. The comparative (more often, faster) of adverbs is formed using the same phrases as for adjectives. Revise and improve your French with detailed content, examples, audio, personalised practice tests and learning tools You'd say le meilleur (the best), the superlative form for bon: Son idée est la meilleure.His idea is the best. For the comparative, the French adjective mauvais (bad) has both regular and irregular forms: ThoughtCo uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. Superlatives express ultimate superiority or inferiority, claiming that one thing is the most or least of all. Comparing people, objects or actions is not only useful in conversations, it could be fun too! A PowerPoint presentation about French comparatives and superlatives featuring examples, vocabulary and a roleplay. Before we talk about the French comparatives and superlatives, let’s do a quick review of what it means in the English language, and let’s work our way from there. Created: Apr 26, 2016. docx, 14 KB. These comparisons have slightly different constructions for each part of speech. 2. In fact, I’m the most good-looking person in our workplace!”, In grammar, we use comparatives to compare superiority, inferiority, or equality between two or more things (I am more good-looking than my co-workers). To form the superlative of an adverb, the masculine singular form of the definite article is always used: le , followed by plus (more) or moins (less) before the adverb. Address : 8 allée danton 94350 Villiers sur marne France, 48 Handy Slang Terms for A Night Out in France, 45 Things You Need to Know About French Taboos, Free Resources – Talk in French Free Library, le moindre / le plus petit (the smallest). Twitter (+ 40 000 followers) 4.4 60 customer reviews. Preview. Le Superlatif refers to comparisons between two or more items when one comes above all the others, such as the most/the least. Bon in Comparatives and Superlatives The French adjective bon (good), like its English equivalent, is irregular in the comparative and superlative. Unlike comparatives, French superlatives require the definite article. Users Options. These are the irregular comparative and superlative adjectives. (This jacket is more expensive.). Study sets. The lesson contains a grammar review and exercise based on comparative and superlative adjective forms as well as an exercise about using comparatives and superlatives in questions. You can't say "gooder" or "more good" in English. Phone: + 33 782 171 213 The comparative (le comparatif) allows us to compare two nouns. Comparatives compare two or more things, while superlatives express extremes. le plus/moins possible (as much/little as possible) . Loading... Save for later. Laure is more nervous than Anne. Laure est plus nerveuse qu'Anne. (a less complicated plan.). Nouns Positive (0) Jeanne a des soldats. To change an adjective into its superlative form, Irregular comparatives and superlatives do not follow these rules, Superlatives in adverbs work the same way as they do  with adjectives, except for one thing: you no longer need to make. E N G L I S H 4. Our online exercises for French help you to learn and practice grammar rules in an interactive manner. French comparatives and superlatives, just like in English,  can occur both in adjectives and adverbs. Le, la … Use the word moins which means ‘less’. Christina_Pucci. In addition, comparatives can say that two things are equal. The rule on when to use -est or most and least is the same as that of the comparative adjectives. Examples: more important, less beautiful, more enticing, less submissive. Fill in the missing word to make grammatically correct and logical comparative and superlative statments 3. Comparative / superlative — nouns, adjectives, adverbs, and verbs. La voile est un plus beau sport que le tennis = sailing is a finer sport than tennis. About this resource. (This town isn’t as big as Bordeaux.). For the superlatives, we use it to talk about the extremes (I am the most good-looking person ever!). Click in the summary table below for detailed lessons. Report a problem. Similar to English, French adds words to the beginning to indicate that it's superlative. Les_Comparatifs … Tu fais le plus/moins possible. Facebook (+153 000 Fans) 3. Tu es aussi intéressé que Chantal. Positive (0) un jeune soldat (a young soldier) Comparative (+, =, –) un plus jeune soldat or un soldat plus jeune (a younger soldier) Superlative (+, –) le plus jeune soldat or le soldat le plus jeune (the youngest soldier) III. The French adjective bon (good), like its English equivalent, is irregular in the comparative and superlative. Examples in English: slower, faster, earlier, more/less frequently, slowest, fastest, earliest. Dallas est moins cher que Paris. Comparative and superlative adverbs in French indicate some difference, because comparatives are comparing two or more things whereas superlatives are expressing extremes. Just as you can't say "the goodest" in English, you likewise can't say le plus bon in French. Plural adjectives (masculine and feminine) — les plus, le guide le plus utile (the most useful guidebook), la question la plus facile (the easiest question), les plus grands hôtels  (the biggest hotels), les plus petites voitures (the smallest cars). It includes explanations, practice sheets and answer keys. Use the word moins (which means less). The superlative word itself is invariable, but, as always, the definite article and adjective have to agree with their noun in gender and number. 1) Superlative of adverbs. the Comparative (French: le comparatif de supériorité/ d'inferorité) the Superlative (French: le superlatif de supérorité/ d'infériorité) The regular comparative is formed by placing plus, moins or aussi before and que after the adjective or adverb. Word such as bon, mauvais and petit don’t follow the rules. Je fais de mon mieux. Frederic Bibard is the founder of Talk in French, a company that helps french learners to practice and improve their french. 2. Use the word que which means ‘than’ when introducing the other person or thing you are comparing your subject with. To form the superlative, use the definite article (le, la, les) and the adverb plus or moins before the adjective. Use comparative and superlative expressions to speak more idiomatically: faire de son mieux (to do one's best) . 4. [symple_highlight color=”green”]Reading time: 5 minutes[/symple_highlight] [symple_highlight color=”green”]Difficulty: Beginner/ Intermediate [/symple_highlight]. I know the smartest girl. Unlike the adjectives, the comparatives and superlatives of the adverbs no longer need to agree with the gender or number of the word they are describing. Info. Bon is only irregular in the superior comparative and superlative. To make sure that you understand the correct answers, our answer keys offer simple explanations as well as handy tips and tricks. In English we also have irregulars such as good, better and best. The students then go on to do a comparison activity. Je connais la fille la plus intelligente. Instagram (+ 115 000 followers) Comparatives and superlatives of adverbs are formed in the same way as the adjectives. For this lesson, we’ve divided the topic into two: adjectives and adverbs. Cette question est plus facile. For single or double syllable words, we usually just add -er at the end of the word, with a few variations in spelling. In the inferior, it follows the normal rules: Meilleur and mieux are both equivalent to "better" in English, and le meilleur and le mieux both mean "the best.". French-Comparative and Superlative. To compare adverbs (e.g. Free. Comparative – mixed exercises comparative and superlative french Flashcards. Choose from 500 different sets of french comparatives and superlatives flashcards on Quizlet. Author: Created by FredR. Read more. At the end of the product, students can create their own version of the Guinness records using their knowled. You can use plus to mean ‘most’ depending on the form of the adjective you’re using. (This question is easier than the first one.). Plural adjectives (masculine and feminine) — les moins, le guide le moins utile (the least useful guidebook), la question la moins facile (the least easy or the hardest question), les mois les moins agréables  (the least pleasant months), les moins belles photos (the least attractive photos). Comparative and superlative adverbs: Their names spell out the difference between them. There are two types of French superlatives: The French usually express the superior comparative (greater) with plus and the superlative (the greatest) with le plus, but there are a few French words with special comparative and superlative forms. There are three types of comparison: moins … que (less … than), aussi … que (as … as) and plus … que (more … than). Plus beau, le plus beau, les plus beaux = fine, finer, finest. ), un projet moins compliqué. You can use moins to mean ‘least’ depending on the form of the adjective you’re using. The comparative and superlative allow you to draw relationships between words. Browse 500 sets of comparative and superlative french flashcards. French Comparatives and Superlatives. la … Newsletter (+ 21 000 Happy Subscribers), Email: French Comparative Superlative Adjectives are formed in only one way: Plus (comparative) Le/la/les/plus (superlative) French Comparative Superlative Adjectives examples. By using ThoughtCo, you accept our, French Superlative Adverbs - Adverbes Superlatifs, French Comparative Adverbs: How They're Formed, How and When to Use French Possessive Pronouns, Masculine and Feminine French Nouns ~ Noms, Basic Vocabulary You'll Need to Go Shopping in France, Learn About French Demonstrative Pronouns (Pronoms démonstratifs), It's 'Ces Filles' in French, Not 'Cettes', French Demonstrative Adjectives: Adjectifs Démonstratifs, French Subjunctive - Le Subjonctif - Rules And Examples. Comparatives are used when expressing terms like more (than) or less (than). You would be doing me a HUGE FAVOR by sharing it via Twitter, Facebook, Google + or Pinterest. For example, Il est le plus grand - "He's the tallest." Examples: loveliest, cutest, slowest, biggest, most important, least beautiful, most enticing, least submissive. In the inferior, it follows the normal rules: Leurs idées sont moins bonnes.Their ideas are less good / aren't so good. ), Cette ville n’est pas aussi grande que Bordeaux. Bien, like bon, is only irregular in the superior comparative and superlative. P.S. As always, there are those irregular adjectives that are too hard-headed to conform with the rest. There are three types of comparatives, but four different French comparative adverbs.​. Use the French word plus which means ‘more’. Online exercises to improve your French. Loading... Save for later . superlative for adjectives For adjectives which follow nouns using the following forms: le noun le plus + adjective for the most and le noun le moins + adjective for the least.

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