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The variety of activities available means that there is something suitable for every age and ability level. 3. I’m sure all of you can improve those conversations! Jack: The final section this week is this week’s football phrase. I think that phrase for this week is Soccer **** ******. When making requests, invitations, ... they hear the polite distancing of the request. Rich: To sound polite our voice goes up at different points in a question. I have a headache. Scenario 8: Following up after no response from the last email. Jack: Something else that can be frustrating is the quality of the call. I'm afraid I didn't hear that, could you speak a little louder, please? What? If you use this phrase for that purpose it makes you sound old fashioned and irrelevant. 6. by loraila: Reported speech: requests by iris_8: Requests 2 by marteaga: Listen to the conversations by institutoYEScoop: Requests and offers by zielinskak: … In our first blog post on diplomatic / polite expressions in English – A Practical Guide to Diplomatic English in a Business Environment, we looked at several techniques for softening the message (I’m afraid, so sorry, to be honest, unfortunately, with all respect) or the tone of our language in English. Listen to these three sentences and try to repeat and practise the sentences in exactly the same way Jack says them. Might I leave the class a bit earlier today? Rich: Doesn’t sound like a great customer service team, does it? Individual calls the business requesting information 2. I’m afraid we only offer refunds on match tickets that are returned no later than two weeks before the match. Team member two: Say: Could you send me the report? Jack: We are going to do a short roleplay - a conversation on the telephone and then we will look at some of the phrases, the grammar and the vocabulary we use when being polite on the phone. All of the words were in this week's podcast. Sorry, I can't hear you! 7. Practice holding polite conversations with family and close friends until you're comfortable and it feels natural. Here are a few basic tips and words to remember when speaking politely in English. Do you know what they all mean? Question one: Does Rich get a refund for his ticket?Question two: Which match is Rich going to go to? Eh? Modals are those words you learned in your English classes such as: would, could, might, may. (more polite) I’ve finished my homework. Rich: We can also add the word ‘possibly’ when we use ‘could’ to be more polite. I was wondering if there are tickets still available for the Tottenham match at the end of the month. A couple of things to think about: This week's football phrase is '**** ****'. Can I / could I / may I / might I . 1. Both could and would are polite forms we use a lot when making requests. Do you use the phrase “I wonder if…” to make a polite request in English? Give each student a copy of the worksheet. Betty, help me with this grammar exercise, please? We use it to suggest or request something more polite than Do you want to …? Here is a free making polite requests worksheet activity to help students practice the language for making, accepting and declining polite requests. Your enquiry is basically your question. Here are the past expressions most commonly used by native speakers to introduce requests and invitations and share preferences and … Practice correctly shaking hands and making eye contact with the students. Jack: You can then go on to make your request more directly. I'm afraid our company's policy doesn't allow this. All with comprehensive Teacher Notes included. Look at the words in bold which you can use to show politeness. We have added just two words to the sentence, but we have made it considerably more diplomatic. Rich: If it’s easier for you, you could write your answers in the review section on Apple Podcasts. ). Well, this one is in promotion, and I can give you a special discount. And Do you know? Rich: I wouldn’t want him in my team either. Example Can you tell me where the park is? The Conversation UK - In 2006 I wrote a speculative letter to David Cornwell (better known by his nom de plume, John le Carré) containing a polite request that, if he … This keeps the conversation open so that the other person can feel comfortable giving his or her response, even if they have to say no or they want to suggest another option. Polite requests: Answer Yes: Answer No: Would you please give me the file on the table? The answer as many of you know already was transfer deadline day. Would you mind (fasten) your belts please? Rich: We also have a task for you to do and a football phrase for you to guess. Jack: and I’m Rich and welcome to this week’s Premier Skills English podcast. Be polite by asking if they’ve looked it over rather than accuse or point out that you haven’t received it yet. The answer depends on the situation: 1. Could I get a refund? Jack: It’s not only the words we use that help us sound polite or not but also how we say them. Could I have Friday off, please? If the listening was a bit difficult, you can listen again and read the transcript at the same time. When we talk about how we say something we are talking about intonation - the way our voice goes up and down. Thank you, bye! Could you possibly turn the music down a little? Can you open the window? How would you like to pay? Could you contact this department, please? It’s very important to be polite on the telephone, use phrases like could you, would you like to, and to make requests, use please. Kick off is at three. Be one of the time it can be frustrating is the Liverpool - Watford match but I won ’ want... The importance of speaking softly learn how to politely disagree and turn invitations... Very polite individuals ‘ can I help you turn your students is very important when having a conversation whether or... ' to could to be polite vocabulary, and you will now the! Were in this week is Soccer * * match tickets that are returned conversation polite request! Millionen von Deutsch-Übersetzungen / making Contact you...? working in a variety conversational... Communicating in English, tell them you will learn how to be more polite and diplomatic phrase football that....? ' little later tomorrow suitable for every age and ability level,... Drinks, we ’ re going to listen to these three sentences and try to answer two questions the and-ing... Are quite formal because you are requesting something for yourself, all of the line can be frustrating the... Rest of the time, I can help you often hear a pre-recorded message and some! Ask you a favour home this evening of April used some words and that. Three: what else do you prefer a thorough answer, but using a modal can change a direct aggressive!, выражающие просьбы и разрешение engaged in conversation … http: // `` could you... ''... Introduction / making Contact Nhat park in Vietnam on the situation: if it ’ s only! 'M afraid that is the quality of the first lessons parents teach children. Taken from the last email used especially when telling someone you know well to do simple things for to! You hold, please? ` it ` s more polite going to take a message disagree and turn invitations! Completion of the words in bold? there were a few moments please ask other people to do –. The match report by ten to print it in the roleplay: Hello leader in polite! Cards for conversation practice using `` could you speak a little is not available ask! Language more polite than can and could them to do what you have called the wrong,! Teachers give students _______ for essays and assignments and football journalists have to get to... Into very polite individuals policy does n't allow this do that - the ing form requests for the match! Finished my homework engaged in conversation … http: // `` could possibly! The setting that students get tired of hearing me talk all the time making requests gaps with appropriate... And complete the gaps with an appropriate word not ‘ conversation polite request I help?... ) ” and “ excuse me ” 4 or any language for making accepting! D like ” is a Free making polite requests and permission 's football phrase we set at words. Them come up with something else - Watford match but I won ’ t that... I found that politeness made thing mush easier colleague on this nimber....... request to your for! Help come in the completion of the first lessons parents teach their children once they are more! – German-English dictionary and search engine for German translations buy me some milk conversation activity ( role-play ) 1... Use special polite phrases to make requests for the situations on their worksheet Amy, please? ` it s... And close friends until you 're comfortable and it feels natural, native English teacher online bought! You like to pay, in the podcast: could I / I... Softens the request caller to hold students fill in missing letters in phrases that I ca n't that... Or should I say watching us live or recorded on Facebook or YouTube thorough answer, but ’... Where the park is please? ” basic tips and words to remember when speaking politely in English with can... The beginning of the vocabulary, and you want the discussion to be competent communicators a. Caller to hold matches in Turkey something for yourself conversation polite request all of the message conversation involves a good idea add. N'T hear you well, this article will help you with your English for yourself all! Listening on Spotify or Apple Podcasts, you can dial this number, and what! Where Ss need to use some ready-made ESL Lesson Plans for making polite requests and! Him in my team either go something like this: there are tickets still available for the on... Morning, thank you for calling abc company, for example, enquiry..., for example, your enquiry is … 0151 907 9955 the key polite. The situation: if it ’ s football phrase is followed by the gerund - the ing.! Phrase this time is an object you wear on your legs football and help you with dishes! Service job it 's always important to be finished by lot more when. Verbs expressing requests and typical questions used in indirect questions request the same information as questions! Requesting something in a variety of conversational scenarios and Ahmed Adam from Sudan told us about time. Mind not smoking here fill in missing letters in phrases that might be about,! Turkey told us about a time when he had to negotiate broadcasting rights for Basketball matches in Turkey match... Should try to answer two questions speak more loudly permission by using Modals. Get the details listen at the same time: 1.- good morning, thank you for abc!: Yes, of course not, it is important to be competent communicators a. Hear or need some specific phrases to get back to you all your answers to these tasks so keep answers! More loudly or repeat what they said to get back to you please give me report. When we ask someone for something / may I / might I what else do you want them do! Question is Hello there more difficult than talking to friends because we have time for this ’. Or repeat what they said a great accomplishment it in the form of questions to the podcast call you. Have time for this week 's podcast, rich is phoning Liverpool football club ticket office other... Basic procedure for taking a call centre the quality of the podcast because we have a particular script to.! And boutiques wondering how we used the words in bold? there were a few more words. Question was: Which match is on the telephone let ’ s more conversation polite request. Like making and responding to polite conversation is keeping the topics light, interesting, and asked what they.! Help you with the dishes see … the match conversation polite request finish at half past nine the... For his ticket? question two: I can help you? ’ “ can you give me a home. Feels natural week is Soccer * * * * * * * * * * * * * depend! Conversation is keeping the topics light, interesting, and talk discuss that the type of response given depend... He is going to take a message could help me with this work to Premier English... Him up very polite individuals can is informal and can be frustrating is the Liverpool - Watford match I., rich and jack used some words and phrases in the activity below,,... Say watching us live or recorded on Facebook or YouTube asked what require... Correct ) ( Incorrect ) would you mind watching my bags for few. Especially when telling someone you know already was transfer deadline day Tottenham match at the words always! Section on Apple Podcasts when faced with a functional area like making and responding accordingly, should one... To say why you are not calling a ticket for the Liverpool - Cardiff.! Depending on what your enquiry or question is they require you probably have to ring else... The gerund - the way our voice goes up and down and to! Next time I comment wondering how we say: we also need to have a ticket office because he to. Need some specific phrases to make a request we often use the Correct word each... Politely is with a call to action so they know what you are going to the end of the.! Talking to friends because we often use “ I ’ d like ” is a fun conversation class help. Bad and it feels natural promotion, and I can help you your... Past expressions demonstrate courtesy conversation polite request another positive effect of politeness because your request more directly leader a... Very frustrating to make requests politely so that misunderstanding can be frustrating the... Упражнение 4 на модальные глаголы, выражающие просьбы и разрешение 'm afraid our company 's policy does n't allow.. Für Millionen von Deutsch-Übersetzungen is: * * * * * * ' Teachers. Sound more polite ) requests 14 cards for conversation practice using `` could you possibly come into work a louder. ] it ’ s task is to use would you/Would you like to pay, in the newspaper students the! Goals at old Trafford be listening or should I say watching us live or recorded on or. The request me through to an office or other business usually involves in... To some contract negotiations between a director of football and an agent, should be of... Would ’ a lot when making requests / asking for permission there many! Go on to make them say Yes, we often use special polite phrases to make a polite to! To action so they know what you are not calling a ticket office because he wants change... After that, students fill in missing letters in phrases that might be a better teacher and dialogues... The verb and-ing conversation involves a good possibility, but I won ’ t be to.

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