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Miyuki's beauty has been emphasized and acknowledged by most of the characters in the series, both male and female, as unmatched. Volume 1, Chapter 1 Miyuki is best girl 5. I owe my life to him, and all I have and all I am belong to him alone. Pixie aside, two other parasites remain alive and safely sealed inside their host bodies. Tatsuya asks her to stop, but Lina counters that she is following her assigned mission: to execute the USNA military deserters, some of whom happen to be the parasites' host bodies. Any posts describing Tatsuya as less than perfect will not be tolerated. Lina's differing goals didn't have to result in conflict, but she's feeling angry, hurt, and isolated. There is no greater magician than Onii-Sama 2. [5] However, she has been constantly revealed to harbor forbidden feelings for Tatsuya, even lamenting once on the fact that she was born as his little sister, clearly indicating that she wishes to have a romantic relationship with him. Compared to Minoru, who also has received similar modification done by Kudou Makoto before birth, Miyuki is a far more perfect and successful product proved by her stable health and lifespan. From Japan. [8] She also feels very guilty and laments the fact that she is the reason her brother has been 'chained'. The relationship between Tatsuya and Miyuki is one of the focal points in the story of Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei. 2160x3840 4,758kB Volume 1, Chapter 1 —Tatsuya on Miyuki's sensory abilities, Volume 11, Chapter 14. "[2] This might be caused by her magic prowess which is very formidable and greatly balanced. Occupation All in all, Miyuki actually has a facade that sometimes disguised her true personalities and opinions on every matter in the series, especially when in the presence of her brother. —Miyuki contemplating her appearance and genes, Volume 8, Chapter 2, Miyuki is described as a lovely, beautiful girl who captivates whoever sets their eyes on her. [1] While she's unable to harm them, she forms a powerful shield that distracts the parasites long enough for the others to help. Together, the spell allows them to find and weaken the parasites directly at their core. In addition, she is very talented with various kinds of magic being part of the Yotsuba. The Day I Became a God: Yota Gets a BIG Helping Hand From a Surprising Place, My Hero Academia's 6th Popularity Poll Results Are Puzzling, From Madoka To Soul Eater, 5 Anime With Magically Whimsical Art Styles, Adachi & Shimamura Begin Year Two - and Big Changes Are in Store, Rent-A-Girlfriend: Chizuru Actually HARMS Kazuya More Than She Helps Him, Boruto: Inojin's Future Suffers a MAJOR Blow - But He's Better for It, One Piece Vol. Rated T for descriptive deaths & torture. While the siblings are aiding Lina, Erika and Leo find surprising resistance from a group of National Defense Force agents who are there on behalf of Retsu Kudou -- the patriarch of the Ten Master Clans. Like the Yotsuba Clan, Kudou has long been watching Tatsuya and the other factions' progress in battling the parasites and has decided to make his move. "The Poor Performing Student of a Magic High School") is a Japanese web novel series by Tsutomu Satō. She may be the USNA's most powerful Strategic-Class Magician but she's also a lone teenage girl on military assignment in a foreign country. Gender Mizuki uses her unique eyesight to track the parasites' movements, Mikihiko uses Spirit Magic to trap them in place, Erika strikes the host bodies down with her sword skills, and Tatsuya attacks the parasites within. Thanks to Raymond Sage Clark's message about where the parasites will gather next, Tatsuya and friends go to the designated spot near First High School's campus. The supernatural parasite threat has finally ended (for now) and it's time to enjoy the end of the school year. The Irregular at Magic High School 2014TV-PG 1 SeasonAnime Series Siblings Tatsuya and Miyuki enroll at Magic High School, where Miyuki's honors status comes between her and her underachieving older brother. Thus, she becomes careful to ask anything of Yotsuba to prevent the clan from asking Tatsuya to pay the favor or prevent them from restricting Tatsuya's freedom. Manga Same-day broadcast for fans in other regions is available on Funimation and Hulu . They are mostly mistaken as twins for being in the same year.Prior to the timeline, before the beginning of the series, their father remarried six months after their mother's death, and the two of them are living alone in a house, which is described as a place that vastly exceeds the average size. Age Height Do not speak ill of Onii-Sama 4. 2014 TV-14 1 Season Teen TV Shows. Miyuki's a Bloom, one of the elite students of Magic High, while Tatsuya's a Weed, with low expectations and even lower levels of respect. [9]. Microfiber towel The Irregular at Magic High School 90x40cm Miyuki Shiba Tatsuya. As a candidate, and from Volume 16 and on as the future head of the Yotsuba clan, she is used to and is even displeased with flattery and compliments since many of these are coated with a mix of jealousy, envy, and malicious intent. 160 cm Miyuki is selected as one of the athletes for their school's team and participates the competition in two events for Newcomer Division. Boruto: What's Going on With Sarada's Outfit? Tatsuya Shiba (司波 達也, Shiba Tatsuya) and Miyuki Shiba (司波 深雪, Shiba Miyuki) Though Erika also prefers to kill outright, she and Tatsuya put their differences aside for the greater good. It was published on Shōsetsuka ni Narō, an internet web novel website, between October 2008 and March 2011. The spin-off manga, Mahouka Koukou no Yuutousei, has Miyuki as the main protagonist, depicting her point-of-view in a timeline parallel to when the original manga started. Everything is going according to plan -- until Sirius shows up and burns one of the bodies alive. According to Maya, much technology was used in her modification, making Miyuki an extremely unique magician. Tatsuya and Miyuki perform a rare and powerful spell that combines their abilities in body and soul: Lunar Magic, a type of Interference Magic that directly targets a being's spirit. WARNING: The following contains spoilers for The Irregular at Magic High School Season 2, Episode 10, "Visitor Arc X," now … It is hinted that this tendency is a manifestation of her sui generis innate magic, Mental Interference Magic Cocytus. The Irregular at Magic High School Tatsuya Miyuki: Clothing & Accessories. “Irregular at Magic High School” season 2 episode 12 will be released on Sunday, Dec. 20, 12:30 a.m. in Japan. Do NOT taint the purity of Onii-Sama 3. Lina meets Tatsuya in the hallway and greets him when they are alone. Dragon Ball: Are Half-Saiyans More Powerful Than Pure-Blood Saiyans? However, she is always filled with bliss when Tatsuya compliments her. She agrees, and he in return will continue to keep her Angie Sirius identity a secret. Miyuki participated in the Newcomer's Division and won the first place after a magnificent match against Kitayama Shizuku, displaying a high level of magic skills. Her pent-up negative feelings have affected her judgment, which once again shows a crucial difference between her and Tatsuya: while she furiously races into battle alone, Tatsuya continues aiding her while calmly informing his teammates when to do their part. Character Name Siblings Tatsuya and Miyuki enroll at Magic High School, where Miyuki's honors status comes between her and her underachieving older brother. Joe Ballard is a Peoria, Illinois-based feature writer for CBR and an incurable anime lover. While Miyuki is very talented at magic, her specialty is Speed typed magic and one of the division of speed type magic is Freezing magic,[13] which slow downs vibrations, her magic is suited for large scale magic over a wide area. Tatsuya ended up in the bottom half belonging to the group of students called “Weeds” (Irregulars) while Miyuki belonged to the high achievers or … Starring: Yuichi Nakamura, Saori Hayami, Yumi Uchiyama. Like Tatsuya, it seems Miyuki puts him as the center of her world and always put him before herself in any matter. JapanTen Master Clans (Yotsuba - Shiba)First High School: - First High School Student Council She also gets well along with Tatsuya’s group from Course 2. She is known by many people as the Ace of First High School's freshmen team and become popular quickly for various reasons during the competition. Moreover, Parvati's name in Chinese (雪山神女) and one of her names in Japanese (雪冰天女) bear the "snow" (雪) character and roughly translate into "Snow Mountain Goddess" and "Celestial Snow Maiden" respectively. Outsiders or strangers will normally be rendered speechless or flustered by her presence. She strongly dislikes the fact that people do not see her brother's real worth and states it occasionally, but she is often brushed off as being biased. Commandments of the Sub 1. However, in Miyuki's case, she possesses both traits; a strong and unique/specialized Mental Interference Magic ability. With a final enormous ice attack from Miyuki, the parasites are destroyed once and for all. Full Name Family Starring: Yuichi Nakamura, Saori Hayami, Yumi Uchiyama. For examples, Miya, Miyuki's mother, possessed an Outer-Systematic Magic called Mental Design Interference,[22] and Fumiya has Direct Pain.[23]. Likewise, because Miyuki is afraid one day they will have to be separated due to various reasons and just like how normal sibling would be parted once they are grown up, she intentionally put on an act in front of her brother by not being overly smart, not showing her real maturity, letting Tatsuya thinks her as a good girl, a soft and unreliable sister, so that he never think of the line "My sister doesn't need me anymore...". Spin-off Manga But he finds himself in a spot when Lina’s USNA agents outnumber him. CocytusNiflheim - Glacial AgeInfernoFreeze FlameDeceleration ZoneCounter Magic - Zone Interference - Freeze GramLuna Strike Volume 1, Chapter 1 Moriarty the Patriot Reveals the Criminal Mastermind's Plan for Sherlock. Clothing & Accessories Hello, Sign in. Location: First High School. The siblings lived alone a… Besides being their home's caretaker, Tatsuya's raison d'être is to be Miyuki's, his sister's, guardian. ... New Listing The Irregular at Magic High School - Complete Blu-ray Box Set BRAND NEW! Unlike Tatsuya, however, Miyuki excels in all forms of standard modern magic, having great magical power, interference strength, and invocation speed. Audio Drama Her arms and legs are slim, slender without looking too unhealthy. [20] For some, they would have calculation area that was warped by a strong power, produce strong and unique/specialized magics for them (i.e. She was initially registered for the Newcomers' Mirage Bat competition. Her figure has become more defined and curvaceous over her first two years at Magic High and has a much more mature appearance by her last year at First High.[3]. So he explains to her the reason. About Irregular at Magic High School. Home Decor Anime The Irregular at Magic High School Wall Scroll Poster Tatsuya Shiba & Miyuki Shiba 23.6 X 35.4 Inches-029: Home & Kitchen Starring:Yuichi Nakamura, Saori Hayami, Yumi Uchiyama RELATED: Ikebukuro WGP Ties Back to Episode 1 Amid Rising Xenophobic Tension. It is not a biological issue, so something like dancing was still acceptable. Affiliation StudentFirst High School Student Council Member: Secretary (Volume 1 - 5) Vice-President (Volume 6 - 14) President (Volume 14 - Present)Elected Successor (Yotsuba)

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