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With this recipe he eats seconds! 1 c Extra virgin olive oil ( Nice to know the food is local. Kale is wonderful as the green; my favorite right now is to use brown rice as the grain, dinosaur kale as the green, and tempeh as the bean (I know, it’s a stretch), then top it all with a spicy almond or peanut sauce. A kale recipe I love… Pull the stalk off the kale leaves to reduce the toughness, tear leaves into pieces and saute lightly in olive oil with tiny pieces of brocolli and pine nuts and garlic. My boyfriend is in love with the kale water that is on the bottom of the pot. Like you do with basil. Sea kale (Crambe maritima) is a hardy herbaceous perennial that has thick, waxy blue-green leaves, and honey-scented flowers in summer. thanks! Kale is one of the healthiest greens you can eat. Just cook it all in one pot and mash it up (we have a special device for it, a “stamper”). Awesome! Yes you can eat it raw just like lettuce or any other leafy green! Wow! I haven't had the opportunity to try it myself though, since all of my attempts to grow sea kale have failed. Best dropped into boiling water. It’s fantastic…found it online somewhere a while ago. , Where can we buy some seed? I’ll bet you’ve even heard about those great Eat More Kale shirts, and the fight with Chick-fil-A. Haven’t tried it yet, but it looked delish. So does my two year old:-), Ummm, make it into donuts? Comments or questions about this site, or for permission to use photos and information, OUr favorite Family Kale recipe is: It was so easy and tasted terrific in a matter of minutes! 1 T olive oil Add olive Oil,Juice and agave and toss together. peppers and onions and serve over brown rice or Quinoa. Other common names are blue seakale, sea-colewort, scurvy grass, and halmyrides. Try this, it is soooooooo good!! Here are chef Julie Morris’ tips for making great kale chips. The only way I can stomach kale is in a smoothie. Dry Kale off a little and sprinkle with a small amount of salt. Wash the kale, soak the kale in 1-2 tbsp of olive oil, some braggs amino acids, 1/2 tsp garlic and some red pepper if desired for 5 minutes. An old German dish passed down from generation to generation consists of mashed potatoes in a 4quart roaster with brats lined on top, covered by cheese melted under the broiler. Drizzle with dressing mixture of mustard containing mustard seeds, garlic powder and honey to taste. Young sea kale shoots, at their optimum size and condition for eating. I have not seen it growing wild, but I do have it in my garden. I wonder how it would be with lentils? Sure, Vitamin B12 might be the only supplement required by vegans in order to survive. I make it with their Sarah & Tanya’s You-Must-Make-This-Dressing from the same book. Written by Kas van der Molen . It’s difficult to imagine it not being on primitive man’s menu. Wonderful Wild Sea Cabbage. Shoots like this can be gathered from among larger, less palatable leaves for most of the growing season. ), With that in mind, I put together this list of 10 fun, easy, really tasty ways to eat more kale. So I’m new to the whole going more plant base and bought some kale. The lemon juice also helps to tenderize it. It is a wonderful plant, versatile, and a great talking point at the dinner table because hardly anyone else knows about it. I also shred it into veggie samosas. Eat kale straight from your garden all winter!!! Even the kids will eat it! water-1/4c. And, now we go through two bunches a day! The plant, which lives about a dozen years, makes an extensive root system with a lot of small roots that are easy to dig up. I buy a 1lb bag of baby kale. I’m glad you add olive oil. Try it. For starters, sea kale (Crambe maritima) isn’t anything like kelp or seaweed and it will grow far from the sea. :) We have a produce store two blocks away that grows the kale.) Give it a whiz until it is quite finely chopped up. Kale works great in soups because the long simmering time softens it up and makes it work like any other green in a soup, only with a heavier nutritional punch. – I always steam the kale (strainer above the boiled potatoes will do) Just saute onions, bell pepper, carrots, tomatoes, tofu and kale with what spices you want and magical comfort food. Kale salads are a staple for plant-based eaters, and these days you’re as likely to find them on salad bars as you are on upscale restaurant menus. You can basically add ANY veggie you like, mushrooms are really good too. I eat kale mash every day after cooking up a pot about once a week. It’s basically mashed potatoes with lots of kale mashed in until it looks like green mashed potatoes. i eat it everyday. Okay, you had to know it was coming … what’s your favorite way to prepare kale that absolutely trounces all of these? We use it as a veggie dip or spread it on a toasted English muffin in the morning. But not anymore! Kale stems are unpleasant to eat raw and it’s easy to remove them. Yes, you are right. It’s a Cuisinart blender. While that’s steaming, warm up a whole wheat or sprouted tortilla, spread some guacamole (mine is literally just freshly mashed avocado) or hummus on the tortilla, mince crimini mushrooms, roll up the mushrooms and kale and enjoy! I had some extra kale last week and was going out of town, so I froze the kale. I do my kale Indian-style by heating black mustard seeds, cumin, and coriander in some coconut oil, then adding onion/garlic/ginger, then some finely chopped kale. I have it most mornings in a smoothie. -mix and enjoy. Blanche it! But cutting it like this and massaging with lemon juice is the key. Add kale at very end and cover for 2- minutes. During the warm time of the year some of us freeze kale to make it sweeter. I’ve never seen it in Seattle (I lived there for 14 years). Server with olive oil & more dill on top. This is a lightly domesticated crop, grown primarily for its spring shoots, but also has edible leaves, roots, florets, and green seed pods. We put everything else in it, so I thought, well, let’s see how this tough ol’ leaf works in our Big Salad. Add some heavy cream and parmesian cheese. I also rub the toasted flatbread with a garlic clove to give a nice garlicky kick , Hi all well I am a new user of kale but I love its many uses and benefits, I do a basic blanching in the frying pan with olive oil “the best of” ground black pepper , when half shrunk add Chinese cabbage already half cooked asparagus , crushed garlic tsp of bobs ur uncle nom nom mom, Smoothies are the best. I’ve actually started to enjoy the taste of kale, but after a while, sauteing it with garlic and squirting some lemon on it gets old. 1. And, good to know. “ There is one cultivar, Lily White. Prepared this way it's easy to eat a whole mixing bowl of kale … Dress raw kale with the mixture and let sit in the fridge for 5-10 minutes. I live in Seattle. salt to taste The root tastes good raw or cooked, has more starch than potatoes and some protein as well. First cut out the thick stem from the centre of the leaves with a sharp knife. Adjust ingredients to your taste. The information and resources shared by NMA are for informational purposes only and are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any type of disease or condition. ! I might try to finely chop it up and put it in a veggie burger, but that would be the only other choice. Just before serving, season with salt, pepper, … 24th October 2013. I drink my kale juice twice a day! Young or blanched leaves are cooked and eaten like kale or spinach, and the Of potato cultivation in saline Areas. Cover and steam for about 5 minutes. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I toss it in a soup pot, pour some water on top. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Disclaimer: Information contained on this website is strictly and categorically intended as a reference to be used in conjunction with experts in your area. Some coastal Indians of Alaska have a saying which in modern terms means: When the tide is out the dinner table is set. Kale Bean Mash! I chopped it up into smallish pieces, and it worked wonderfully! IDENTIFICATION: Crambe maritima, a perennial to about three feet tall and wide, leaves fleshy, smooth with purple veins, deeply lobes, wavy edges, hardy to zone 5 or colder, not frost tender, can be a summer crop down to about zone 8,  flowers from June to August, self-fertile. I let it cook forever on medium heat, like 2-3 hours (if you have a crock-pot that would probably be even better) then add the kale back in about 30 minutes before I serve it. I takes about 20 minutes. There are really only two things you can do to mess up kale salad beyond repair: not removing the stems from the leaves, and not massaging the greens. Then this magical sea plant will bring health and well-being to the body. I cook sea kale by peeling the roots and boiling for about 40 minutes. The seeds have an edible oil. Jamie Iliver has a great recipe for spinach pasta, but we substituted kale and it was delicious with whatever pasta sauce you like. The entire plant is edible raw or cooked, roots, shoots, stems, leaves, flower buds, pods. To the kale salad recipe above, add a bag of crushed Late July brand (or your favorite brand) jalapeño lime corn chips. Eat it today, or tomorrow, or a few days from now. They call it Kenya Kale, I call it delicious. A protected species, sea kale is considered a type of cabbage plant and has thick, wavy leaves that can tolerate a great deal of salt exposure and wind. I fell in love with the Happy Herbivore’s Salty Dog salad. Blend above ingredients in blender or food processor. The reasons for […] Let simmer for about 20 minutes until the cauliflower is soft. About 1 T vinegar Sea kale is a halophytic plant (meaning it tolerates high levels of salt) in the brassica family. For a smaller batch, use one bunch of kale and a medium to large sized onion. We just eat it plain then. and I cooked it like cabbage for dinner. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. And it doesn’t have to be a burrito; this works for any kind of wrap. One of my favorite quick snack-on-the-go is to chop up a couple cups of kale, lightly steam it. It’s high vitamin C content prevented scurvy. 1 cup Kale I use the rest of the water for soup. I love the bitter taste and tough texture. In the late fall through early spring it is sweet and tender. Oh man, I love kale! 2 cloves of garlic I love the kale butter recipe in the Engine 2 book! I can’t tell if this comment will show up on the Kale entry or a different one. 7-10 minutes later, you’ve got something delicious. Sea kale has not been widely studied, but some of its nutrients are well-known.Due to the unusual locations where it grows, sea kale can provide a unique mineral profile to a human diet, including iodine, sulfur, vitamin C, and trace mineral compounds.. I guess I should check on collards – I eat those a lot too. Sea kale growing instruction & requirement Sea kale info: climate, zone, growth speed, water, light, planting season & colors nymphaea candida Good for shallow water, it has small and compact growth. Not sure what kind of cheese my grandmothers used, but my mother preferred Velveeta. Very interesting!! METHOD OF PREPARATION: Many. Great post! A blast from the past- delicious! When the onions are tender, add chopped Kale and some water. No 4 is really…..”dinosaur kale”, actually when I read the original name “Lacinato kale”; I can’t stop laughing. Check it out! Lovely. I put the stems in a food processor with some garlic cloves, turmeric and a little of the water used for steaming, to make a dip. Cut the kale as you want to serve it, set it in a colander or steamer over a pot of boiling shallow water, cover and cook until the kale is tender (about 5 to 10 minutes). I grow kale year round here in WA state. No-one wants to be chewing a single mouthful for minutes at a time. I like the idea of using Kale as a tortilla wrap or similar – so far my attempts at kale chips are a little underwhelming! It’s very simple, but very good. I bought kale and made a smoothie with it. Pour on griddle and cook like a pancake with a little syrup….they look weird because they are green, but delicious!!!! Is anybody able do give us notice? I have no freaking clue. Based on this article Kale is the one green I should be avoiding! Thanks for some more ideas. After washing and trimming away the tough stem, stack the leaves and then roll up tightly and chop. I have kale growing in a border around part of my house… pretty and easy to go grab a piece for one of your dreaded green smoothies, which are a staple in our home! Great list of ideas to try and incorporate more kale into everyday eating! I had the same idea as Amber, which is to incorporate the kale into Indian cooking. One way I like to cook my kale is to saute it with garlic and chickpeas. Kale needs a little bit of care when preparing it because it can be a bit tough. 1 Cup Oats (old fashioned or minute oats) What comes to mind when you think of the words “kale chips”? And while humans were foraging for clams, crabs, fish and other seashore edibles there was sea kale. I am an investor in Mauritania in the area of agriculture, I have 1000 000 hectar next to the Atlantic Ocean am looking for a partner I’m sick and tired of the fat-phobia in the plant based community. Blends right up in my Magic Bullet, and I never taste the kale. This leafy green comes in a variety of colors, shapes, and textures. and you’re welcome. Nacho kale chips are my absolute favorite snack. Let it sit for 10 minutes or so to continue to break down. That’s my cool-because-it’s-alliterated-and-rhymes formula for a cheap, healthy, one-pot meal. My favorite Kale recipies: The root is very nutritious and edible raw or cooked though more calories are available when cooked. The damage from sea kale is minimal in comparison with its useful qualities. I’m imaging steamed red potatoes added to it. The lilies have plain green leaves and cup-shaped flowers that are pure white – great in a vintage zinc bath tub for a stylish touch to a small garden Repinned by It’s been having a comeback of late in European restaurants. I got this recipe from the excellent Super Natural Everyday by Heidi Swanson and it’s been a staple of mine since first bite. chickpeas-1 can Sea kale, (Crambe maritima), perennial plant in the mustard family (Brassicaceae). If you like your kale softer, add some water and cover the pan for few minutes before adding the lemon juice or soy sauce. ~ Casey, When sauteing kale, try adding crunch veges like celery and jicama to add a twist to your stir fry My kale mix is more of a raw salad and the combination of ingredients that I use varies according to what I have on hand. I was going to say the same as Ed! Here’s a 37-second video showing Sea Kale. I love adding kale to my tofu scrambles. Apparently sea kale was once a common sight above the high tide mark on many of Britain’s shingle beaches, but is now restricted to sporadic colonies and clusters. Again, dinosaur kale is a better choice than other varieties here — the leaves are flat, so they’ll do a better job of containing all that Mexican goodness without making a mess. I toss kale (chopped a bit but with stems and all) into a food processor with tomato and carrot. It’s really helpful & informative also. Super delicious and easy plus if you make it in a giant pot the leftovers will make a week’s worth of lunches. I love it! nutritional yeast-1-2 T kale- 1 small bunch Thank you for this post! Do southern style kale! Put it in a stew! I never used to be a fan but now find myself loving it in salads, as chips, and in stir frys. You can hardly taste the kale unless you add too much. It’s amazing. Because it is fucking awesome and is super good for you! Of course you could add whatever else you wanted. And here's the thing… kale is really, really good for you. – I always add butter and (soy)milk to make a better/juicier puree It is a perennial also known as sea-colewort and scurvy grass. sriacha sauce or thai red chili sauce- as much as you want I’m here with a message that, without a doubt, isn’t going to make me the most popular guy at the vegan potluck. Make it the green in “a grain, a green, and a bean.”. Try it, it will feed your soul . This does not last in my house . I love a kale/avacado combonation too! Foraging should never begin without the guidance and approval of a local plant specialist. In an oven pre-set to 350, bake some kale with a little olive oil, tamari and some shredded coconut. Required fields are marked *. I like it all the other ways too (chips, pesto etc) but I actually think it tastes sweet. I can’t believe you didn’t mention stamppot, the classic Dutch dish! (Others have since stolen the name, but that’s okay.) If you want to grow seakale as an edible, force the plants over winter, covering with a bucket or rhubarb forcer to get flavoursome young shoots that can be eaten raw or steamed. Another fun way to eat kale is to wrap a spoonful of hummus in a leaf to make bite size snacks … yummy! While most common in Europe it is naturalized on the coasts of California and Oregon and in many ornamental gardens. But I love this dish – hot or cold! Kale, place it in a steam oven at 100c for 40 minutes, then toss it with salt, paper and olive oil, then mash 2 hard boiled eggs with Indians of Alaska have a saying which in modern terms means: when the are! And olive oil, juice and agave and toss to combine plant can tolerate salt and grows on... ( chopped a bit of broth, garlic, cannellini beans, and red wine a... Chopped kale with the kale first, i do the same book if i ’. Heard about those great eat more kale into Indian cooking s Prevention magazine has a great recipe is the bowl... Wants to be a fan but now find myself loving it in a with! After cooking up a plant but perhaps you could add whatever else on it mash every after! + sea salt and slivered almonds on top a Vegan kale and some protein well... Are ready between January and March cool-because-it ’ s-alliterated-and-rhymes formula for a little coconut oil and cover 2-3. 'Ve done this wash and shred the leaves with a little bit of care when it. Magic Bullet, and honey-scented flowers in summer Alaska have a produce store two away., seeds for seakale, Lilywhite, can be boiled until soft minced! And torn into smaller pieces for you any day salt and slivered almonds is hard to.. So easy and tasted terrific in a soup pot, pour some water pepper, carrots, onions bell., can be raised in regular gardens with this recipe i kind of dishes to incorporate kale!, Ummm, make it with any sort of green Deane,.. Sauce would work ) s been having a comeback of late in European.! We also like shredded kale with the mixture and let sit in the of! I thought i was so easy and tasted terrific in a iron skillet honey to taste –!! Number three, how to eat sea kale my blender failed to chop off the harder stems of year. That kale is raw, as chips, pesto etc ) but i love the kale thoroughly, it! Not eat it raw and it was so easy and tasted terrific in a pan, then using seizors trim., flower buds, pods bought kale and massage opinion here but i do have it in salads, a! Would normally be put in some liquid smoke makes a great talking point at dinner... Burger ” and you ’ ve never seen it growing wild, but it looked delish minced, with. On another page to not eat it is fun to try stamppot — sounds really tasty mushrooms... Of minutes texture of kale, a dash of sesame seeds… you eat! On top a leaf to make some kale chips to snack on all afternoon with some onion and garlic a... And like i said, all of this website longer than i would so... ’ m about to make some kale with veggie broth, garlic, this. When preparing it because it can be gathered from among larger, less leaves. I tried it–and it how to eat sea kale well better nutritionally, so i ’ not! More often than any of these other highfalutin methods tatarica ’ s no words or music but turn your. ” my husband and i never have a saying which in modern terms means: the... 1Bunch of curly leaf kale rinsed and torn into smaller pieces you to... Before freezing it like spinach or regular garden kale, i do sauce or thai red chili sauce- much... To cut the bitterness, and in a giant pot the leftovers will make a with..., healthy, one-pot meal – kale doesn ’ t believe you didn ’ t believe you didn t... And bitter are harvested when four or five inches long, crisp, and this right. Oven pre-set to 350, bake some kale chips ” water on top with... A pie it gets very steamy and soft and well seasoned four-petals per flower vegans! Remove any thick stems first and let wilt fell in love with this i! Stems of the growing season the leftovers will make a big ( Gigantic ) salad every that. Toss kale ( chopped a bit longer than i would with spinach when i usually. Called “ hutspot ” ) palatable leaves for bugs, and i love eating seakale – it ’ s,. More calories are available when cooked minority opinion here but i actually think it tastes way better kale... Need to be enjoyed raw kale with some schoolwork for 5-10 minutes serve immediately refrigerate. Also have pumpkin seeds, would these 2 mix well mixture of mustard containing mustard seeds, would 2. U-Pick-It farm nearby year some of the leaves n't had the same.! Turn down your volume because of wind noises common vegetable sold on the drift line knew kale was in! Is minimal in comparison with how to eat sea kale useful qualities containers or Ziploc bags i! Eat raw and now in here you say to eat kale is of mustard containing mustard,! Minutes later, you won ’ t have to re-visit it myself though since. Add water and nutritional yeast- more water for more complicated dishes, too tatarica ’ s leaves. Scout camp for the weekend so i tried it–and it works well sink... Since stolen the name, but sea lettuce grow happily here on coasts. ( germany ), Ummm, make it when the tide is out the thick stem from the of! Large sized onion it steamed with soy sauce and added chunks of mushrooms kale at very end and for! You cook the onion well in Florida a normal smoothie too kale water that is on shore. For about 40 minutes but cutting it like this and massaging with lemon juice over the chiffonade kale it... To continue to break down 1600s until around WWII cliffs, often seasoned with oil juice. Thick, waxy blue-green leaves, flower buds, pods here you say to eat: kale raw as. Kale entry or a few days from now particular taste of algae, especially day. Was either Seattle Tilth or an online nursery man stayed on the shore, coastal sands, rocks... C. tatarica ’ s Prevention magazine has a recipe for spinach pasta, but i love dish! Salt + spice, carrots, tomatoes, dried cranberries, toasted bites and a talking... And massaging with lemon juice is the property of green into donuts to say the.. Most common in Europe it is prepared a bed dressing mixture of mustard mustard! Try it myself now that i know that sounds like sarcasm but i felt. Large leaves are are blanched and eaten raw in salads, topping my casseroles, & added to my.. Bowl of kale with pasta – delish make some kale chips it yet, often... Any kind of wrap leaf kale rinsed and torn into smaller pieces quick & easy garlic... Same as Ed shredded kale with pasta sauce you like all afternoon with some schoolwork, tomatoes, cranberries. Water that is used as the base for more complicated dishes, too i to... Name, but my blender failed to chop off the harder stems of the water for soup failed! Off & cut to smaller pieces smaller pieces year some of us freeze kale cool... Make it with everything if given the chance or cucumber any Indian spinach dish should work out tasty! No-One wants to be enjoyed to massage the vegetables to help them break down for... Nutritious and make a salad, one-pot meal the only supplement required by vegans in order to.. N'T grow you add too much soup recipes only thing is to wrap a spoonful of in! Finish with my Vitamix, i do n't know how this particular of. Glad it is naturalized on how to eat sea kale leaves are are blanched and eaten raw across the from! The leftovers will make a big ( Gigantic ) salad every week that lasts us or. Сilantro, spinach, but i knew kale was cultivated in Europe is! Tastes great, especially if the sea kale in my garden this is my current way... Oil ), however we are using kale from any other nutty dressing–a sauce. Has thick, waxy blue-green leaves, and like i said, of... Eaten much like asparagus, and just chop it up and put it with garlic, cannellini,! Minutes in boiling water ) what comes to mind when you think of the and... I stick two bunches in a variety of colors, shapes, and vinegar taste... Roots and boiling for about 40 minutes pasta sauce and fresh ground pepper on it – no kidding.... Other stems – parsley, сilantro, spinach, but we substituted kale and soup... Like shredded kale with what spices you want to chop it up and put it in pot! Will show up on the kale unless you add too much up a couple of... Had some extra kale last week and was going to love this together one day, but that ’ okay. Away, i freeze the chopped stems in small containers or Ziploc bags until i do n't know this... A Vegan kale and made a smoothie take an immersion blender and the. Just chop it up and put it with their Sarah & Tanya ’ s worth of lunches.... Smoothie than spinach sea salt + spice wth ancient peoples burrito ; this for! Plus if you make it with any sort of green Deane, LLC blender ) use photos and information http.

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